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Author 크리센클로버
03 Aug 2016
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The 18th June saw the exciting launch party opening of our very own Chrisanne Clover Boutique in Shangai. The Shanghai Boutique has really captured the feel and essence of the ultimate dance couture shopping experience with many dressmakers walking into the shop and feeling instantly inspired. With champagne flowing on ice and canapé s galore the opening night was a complete success.



The customer feedback was very positive with dressmakers very happy Shanghai had stock of everything Chrisanne Clover has to offer and to be able to purchase on the same day in store, or for next day delivery. For purchases unavailable at the store Shangai Boutique can order at our London store which will take around 5-7 working days for goods to arrive in Shanghai.


Dancers were amazed to see first hand our high end dancing products knowing where to go instantly for future immediate purchases. Many amateur dancers came along and purchased our range of practice wear and evening dresses and are intending to come along again to visit during Shanghai Blackpool season. Chrisanne Clover resellers in Shanghai felt very proud of the way our brand image was captured in store and are encouraging their customers to come along and view products in store to get more of a feel of what we have to offer.


If you want to take a look while you are in the country you are more than welcome with the store open Monday-Sunday 11am-7pm


Address: 上海市闵行区中春路8633弄20号705室万科•七宝国际
Room 705, Vanke Avenue, No 20, Street 8633, Zhongchun Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China
Tel (电话): 021-54760281



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